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In 1999 near the end of the year, I decided to open a tennis store that I would go to.
Hardcore Tennis is absolutely not your typical tennis store. Hardcore Tennis staff members are very knowledgeable and accomplished high level players. Yes we all actually play tennis:) More importantly, we really care. The ability to feel the difference in equipment technologies, allows us to help you choose the best equipment for YOUR tennis game. Not just the most popular trendy racquets or strings.

We know how much you love to play tennis and care about your equipment. Just like we do:) So come see us at Hardcore Tennis and let us help you get the most out your equipment and your game!


To all of our beautiful tennis playing friends, thank you for all the years of incredible loyalty and support.

Get out there and play as much tennis as possible in 2023.

See you on the courts!



Hardcore Tennis is not a big tennis store, but we are huge on knowledge and customer service!

Unlike most tennis stores, at Hardcore Tennis all of us actually play tennis, and at a fairly decent level. Our staff includes former NCAA Division I players, and players who have won individual city, state, and sectional titles. Being able to feel the difference in the technologies allows us to help you find the tennis equipment that is best for YOUR game – not just sell you the most popular racquet or the “hottest” string that may be useless to you.

So if you love tennis and care about your equipment as much as we do, you need to make a visit to Hardcore Tennis much sooner than later!



If you’re looking for low quality cheaply manufactured tennis racquets, we don’t have them! Hardcore Tennis welcomes tennis players of all levels who want high-quality equipment that actually helps you perform your best!

Unsurpassed Product Knowledge and Customer Service

The Most Unique Racquet Selection in the Atlanta Area

Best Racquet String Selection in the Atlanta Area

Open Play Table Tennis

Same Day Stringing Most Time Usually Within One Hour

A Very Cool Fun Staff

Unsurpassed Product Knowledge and Customer Service

The Most Unique Racquet Selection in the Atlanta Area

Best Racquet String Selection in the Atlanta Area

Open Play Table Tennis

Same Day Stringing Most Time Usually Within One Hour

A Very Cool Fun Staff

Hardcore Tennis is the most knowledgeable and caring tennis store in the metro Atlanta area. We are never interested in selling you something based on the brand or the newest technology. We want you to have the equipment that is best for YOU! 

About US

Hardcore Tennis is Atlanta’s Serious Tennis Store for serious tennis players. We are not a large tennis store, but we are huge in knowledge and customer service. Our founder, Eric Burke, has played on a national level, strung rackets for tour players, and has coached thousands of tennis enthusiasts over the years. Eric IS Hardcore Tennis and he instills that passion for the game in everyone he comes in contact with!


What Clients say

I’ve been playing tennis my entire life but haven’t kept up with the latest racket technologies. Eric was able to find the perfect racket to suit my style of play and ability level.
The Pro Kennex Ki5 315 has proven to be an excellent choice and has improved my game considerably due to the racket technology Eric suggested and the expert stringing job.
If you are in the market for a new racket, tennis strings, or apparel, there’s only one choice in Atlanta… Hardcore Tennis.
Jay Torrence

Founder, PersistSEO, 1994 NCAA All American

I am an avid tennis player and a firm believer that the more talent you have the less the equipment matters. I need the best equipment I can find.
I have relied on Hardcore Tennis for racquets, shoes, and stringing for as long as they have been in business.
They are true professionals in every sense of the word. Whether it is stringing, customization or just good advice, They are the best I have been able to find.
On a few occasions, I had to get a racquet strung by someone else. I was out of town at a tournament, or tennis resort. Each time, I would up cutting the strings out of the racquet.
I am a weekend player, I don’t have a finely tuned game or great touch. If I can tell the difference, I assure you that you can as well.
Mike McGeehan

HARDCORE TENNIS is growing and Atlanta is lucky to have Eric and his team looking after their racket and tennis needs. Eric’s professionalism and knowledge is world class.

Ellis Ferreira

ATP Worlds #1 Doubles with Rick Leach, Austrailian Open Champion with Rick Leach

If you take your game seriously, you should treat your equipment the same. If you play 2-3 times a week, that is over 100 times a year.

Strings with no tension, rotted grips, and cracked frames should not be something you have to deal with. Have your racquets restrung and re-gripped regularly. If your bumper guard is worn through and your frame is actually broken, it is time to buy a new racquet!

Tennis Racquet Stringing Pricing (Labor only)

Guaranteed same day stringing within one hour!

Tennis Coaching

Contact us to setup a time and inquire about pricing for your private or group lesson.


Eric is the owner and CIO (Chief Instigating Officer) of Hardcore Tennis. Eric has been into tennis equipment and what makes it work since he was since he was 10. Which was 2 years before his first competitive match.


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