Many of us think that we will play just like our favorite players if we use the same equipment. Not only is that not true, but it can be dangerous to your physical health as well.  Using equipment that’s wrong for you can both affect your performance, cause injury to your arm or shoulder and keep you from playing the game you love.

Let’s start with racquets. There are a few exceptions, but even though the frames you purchase off the wall may look like the one the pros use, they are actually completely different, which is understandable. But often the stock version is not the right racquet for you. Many times recreational players use racquets that are too light and stiff. There are usually 3-5 versions of the same racquet, all different weights, balances, stiffness and string patterns. But because they all have similar graphics, it can be very difficult to know exactly which one you’re actually buying.

Moving on to strings, there are hundreds of different types of strings. Just because Rafa may use RPM Blast, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the same results that he does.  Choosing the correct strings are just as important as the correct racquet. And having your racquet strung correctly for you makes a world of difference.

So forget about the brands or what a tour player uses. All that matters is what is best for you! Speak with an experienced racquet technician before you make a purchase. Good luck and  PLAY MORE TENNIS!