Hardcore Tennis Staff


Eric is the owner and CIO (Chief Instigating Officer) of Hardcore Tennis. Eric has been into tennis equipment and what makes it work since he was since he was 10. Which was 2 years before his first competitive match.

He always wanted to know which racquets and strings the best players use, and why they use them. He read and played with everything he could get his hands on. As he still does today, Eric brings a very unique perspective to Hardcore Tennis.

In addition to stringing ATP and WTA tour events for the best players in the world, he is a very accomplished player. He played Division I college tennis, and has been ranked as high as # 2 in the USTA Southern Section in open singles, and # 3 in the US in 35’s doubles. There are few tennis store owners who have such high level experience and knowledge. Both as a racquet technician and player.

Hardcore Tennis Staff


From Marietta Georgia, Andy is actually a real Home Boy! He started playing tennis when he was 13 years old and fell in love with the sport immediately. He became PTR certified in 2007 and started coaching at Fergisun Tennis Academy when he was 17. Andy was the first player from Fergisun Tennis Academy to earn a tennis scholarship.

He played 4 years at NCAA Division II North Georgia College and State University. The school is now known as the University of North Georgia. In Andy’s junior year, the team made school history by earning a national ranking and making it to the NCAA tournament.

Apparently Andy was bored only playing NCAA tennis. So in his spare time at North Georgia, Andy earned bachelor degrees in accounting and management. We continually remind him that it isn’t that big of a deal…

Andy has become an even better player since his college days. And he loves to play more than ever.